New in Hannover? Starting University

The Studentenwerk offers social support for your studies

What do I need to start university life? Where can I live? How do I pay for it? When you start university in Hannover, the Studentenwerk helps to answer many questions about studying. So that you can take care of the most important thing: your studies!



Checklist for Starting University

For a smooth start at university there is a lot to do, especially if you're from another country. Then special regulations apply to you. With the international version of our first-year checklist, nothing can go wrong. It shows at a glance what you need to do at the start of your studies.

You can also download the checklist from the PDF list above: Print it out. Hang it up. Check it.

Studying with a Child?

Yes, it works!

Do you belong to the students in Hanover who care for their children while studying? Studying, child care and how to secure your livelihood all at once are a particular challenge.

The Studentenwerk Hannover will support you in this situation. First, check our website where you will find a lot of crucial information on financing, insurances and childcare. Then, make an appointment at the Studentenwerk‘s Social Advice Centre: We offer a personal consultation, taking your individual situation into account.

Also watch our video on "Studying with a Child" (in German)

We will support you

When your child is old enough, there are several childcare facilities close to the universities, e.g. the "Leibniz-Kids", "Hirtenkinder", or "CampusKrümel". For emergency situations, there are "Fluxx" - the emergency backup care, the "Leibniz-Kids back-up child care" as well as the "Mini-Club" of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover.

In universities and Studentenwerk facilities, you can find baby care rooms and play areas for your child. There is even a MensaCard for Kids, providing students‘ children with a hot lunch for free! For more information:

Welcome to Hannover!

Our tutors will help you

You are a stranger here? So were we some time ago! But very quickly we felt comfortable in Hannover. And we like to pass on our experiences to you. We are students working for the "Tutoring Programme for International Students".


We help you: with all the little everyday things, but also with social difficulties. We provide information and addresses of other counselling services.

We support you: with questions on alien law, problems with your job or studies, and administrative formalities. We also accompany you to authorities.

We organize: many shared activities (parties, excursions, cultural events, cinema, cooking sessions ...) for German and International students and also a weekly conversation course.

You can reach us: during our regular consulting times in the dorms. More information:

We're there to help you!


We’ll also Help with Financing and Food

You also need assistance in financing your studies? Or would you like to know where you can have tasty, healthy and low-priced food?

For the answers to these and other questions, check out our other films. Just click on "Institutions” | "Studentenwerk Hannover Student Services" at the top of the page, or on one of these links:

Links to our food special and financing information.