Let´s Walk Urban Landscapes

International symposium explores how urban landscapes are perceived in Hanover

More and more people live in large conurbations. The international symposium “Let´s Walk Urban Landscapes” therefore explores new and unconventional approaches to how urban living spaces are perceived, and as a further step, how to plan them.  The research team’s endeavours are supported by VolkswagenStiftung’s “Symposia and Summer Schools” funding initiative.


Let’s Walk Urban Landscapes

Symposium overview

­In September 2015, the three-day „Let’s Walk Urban Landscapes” symposium was held at the Schloss Herrenhausen convention centre, hosted by Leibniz University Hanover and Studio Urban Landscapes.  More than 150 international scientists, artists, architects, and students attended the event. They first addressed the question – theoretically and practically - how urban spaces are perceived. Later, they pooled their insights to develop concepts of urban planning.

The symposium received financial and organisational support from VolkswagenStiftung.


on the funding of symposia and summer schools


VolkswagenStiftung set up the funding initiative "Symposia and Summer Schools" to support events in all subject areas dealing with new scientific ideas and research approaches. Funding can be made available for symposia, workshops, conferences, and summer schools, but also innovative event formats, developed to support networking and interaction. The initiative is thematically open. Nonetheless, the basic criteria to receive a foundation grant include:

An interdisciplinary and international context, active participation on part of young researchers (PhDs and post-docs) as well as a significant number of female scientists among the speakers and participants.

The symposia, workshops and conferences funded by VolkswagenStiftung are held in the newly constructed “Schloss Herrenhausen” convention centre in Hanover. Summer schools can still be funded at other venues throughout Germany.  For further information regarding the terms of funding and application requirements, please visit