Leibniz Campus Lecture 2017

Mill, Mind and Monad - Do we see the reality as it really is?

Cognitive scientist Donald D. Hoffman, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, USA, examines the processes of a "visual intelligence" and describes how we "see" and understand the world around us. In doing so, he asks the crucial question: does the brain faithfully accept what the eye and the optic nerve convey, or does it rather interpret the information first and then construct a reality of its own? Hoffman astonishes and irritates his audience, and brings us a step closer to the truth: that this does not directly exist as such. The listeners are happy to go along with him and marvel at how we all have our own individual perceptions of space time and objects, especially when we believe that only the one reality is portrayed.

In the new Leibniz Campus Lecture series, Leibniz Universität twice a year presents internationally renowned, high-profile academics to the general public and members of the university.