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Volkswagen Foundation supports junior researchers

Cutting-Edge Technology European XFEL

The European XFEL in Schenefeld near Hamburg is a cutting-edge research facility and will be inaugurated in summer 2017. The European XFEL´s technology can be used to take three-dimensional images of the nanocosmos, film chemical processes and elucidate molecular structures, for instance in biomolecules, viruses, and cells – all with a previously inconceivable brilliance. The Volkswagen Foundation launched a funding initiative in 2010 – the Peter Paul Ewald Fellowships – to prepare the next generation of scientists for application of this groundbreaking technology.

The Volkswagen Foundation supports scientific exchange

Symposia and Conferences at Herrenhausen Palace

The Volkswagen Foundation funds scientific events held at Herrenhausen Palace. Funding is not restricted to any specific field or topic. Prerequisites for a successful application are the development of new research ideas and the discussion of previously unexplored topics and approaches as well as an international and interdisciplinary context and the participation of young researchers.

More than just milk

Dairy technology

A dairy technologist’s job involves much more than just bottling milk. The various procedures require an understanding of chemical, biological, and technical processes. At the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover (HsH), the university studies are  diverse and pay off later on the job market. The “dairy technology” degree programme is unique in Germany, and many graduates from Hanover are now working in various companies as esteemed experts.

Practical experience with Pedelecs and electric VW vans

Electric mobility at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover

From electric cars, to Pedelecs, or modified VW vans: electric mobility is strongly represented at HsH. In this film we are demonstrating the differences between a regular e-bike and a Pedelec. We are watching  students of mechanical engineering transform an old VW combustion engine van into an electric car, and we are presenting the Pedelec-Café. The rental station’s design was drafted by two students of the interior design department.

Business School with different insights/perspectives

Intercultural Learning

GISMA Business schools is home to students from different cultural backgrounds. In addition to the diversity of students, the professors teaching at GISMA also follow this theme and hail from countries such as the UK, Greece and Cameroon. At the moment, a large percentage of students are international and bring different  ideas, knowledge and experience to the classroom. This diversity is part of GISMA’s vision to incorporate the slogan “Where professionals become international business leaders”. International students at GISMA, are also taught intercultural competence, to complete their experience of studying in Germany. GISMA’s unique expertise in intercultural competence helps to teach international students business topics relevant to the German business environment.



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