Starting at university can feel like stepping into the unknown, but here you'll find advice on how to prepare properly

Studentenwerk Hannover, Student Services and Deutsches Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs - DSW) provide alot of information about how to prepare studying in Hannover and what formalities you have to comply with after arriving, give advice for your studying and inform about what you have to keep in mind after you finished your studies.

Where to find a broad base of support is listed on the pages “”. There you will find also a list of courses in Hannover.

The German Academic Exchange Service helps you to find out, whether you have the required admissions to start a study in Germany. Moreover they help you to find the right University.

On the pages of the Koordinierungsstelle für die Studieninformation und –beratung in Niedersachsen you’ll find information about studying at universities and colleges and universities of applied sciences in Lower Saxony.

The staff of the ServiceCenter of Leibniz Universität Hannover provides help and advice for all students and prospective students. 

Studying as a refugee? Paths to studying at a university in Hannover

A list of the general contacts for refugees at the universities in Hannover and other useful information you can find on a special page provided by the Hannover-Science-Initiative.

The Leibniz University Hannover gives you an overview about how to apply for a place at university as a refugee, the costs for a study and the financing. Additionally there is a page especially for refugees at Leibniz University.

There is plenty of information, e.g. about the required admissions, when you want to start a study at Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Science.

New to Hannover? Contact points and guidance 

On the pages of Studentenwerk Hannover, Student Services you will find a list of the formalities you have to comply with after arriving in Hannover.

For decisions regarding right of residence, naturalization and citizenship you’ll have to contact the Foreigners' Registration Office and Department of Citizenship.

The International Offices at universities, offer information all around studying abroad.

Huch much does studying cost? Financial aids and student loans

Information about the costs of studying you’ll find here. For generell Information about how students in Germany can finance their studies consult

Several institutions offer bursaries and assistance for foreign students in Hannover.

Where can you live? Student accomodation in Hannover

The Studentenwerk Hannover, Student Services can help you to find accomodation. is an internet portal, where living communities offer free rooms in their apartments.

Hungry? Have a look at the dining schedules from the list of cafeterias ("Mensa")

The Studentenwerk Hannover, Student Services offers a great variety of tasty and healthy food for little money at the different university locations. Here you will find the dinning schedules and the addresses of the locations.

Enjoying leisure time: Sports, culture and more

Here you will find Information about getting a bursary for elite sport and how you can participate in University Sport.

All the information you need to know about the Center of University Sport Hannover is provided here.

There are many cultural groups at Universities that you are welcome to join.

In Hannover a group of foreign academics and students, "Enjoy Hannover – International Community", from all over the world meets regularly to participate in different activities and events.

There is plenty of advice for Theatres, museums, sports, adventures and more on the pages of the City of Hannover.

Problems while studying? Here you'll get help

There is a list of the Social Advice Offices at Universities and Studentenwerk Hannover, Student Services.

From emergency childcare to free meals for children – Hannover offers a great deal of assistance for parents who are studying.